Business Etiquette and Ethics

Programme Overview:

This course covers two key dimensions of business interaction:making the right impression, and doing the right thing. However, BusinessEtiquette is means mastering the conventions, rules, customs and expectationsthat we must navigate in order to work professionally in high-level business. Atthe same time, Business Ethics means avoiding or staying on the right side ofmoral and ethical dilemmas that we all necessarily encounter from time to time

Course Outline:

    Module 1: Business etiquette basics: greetings, handshakes, cards qualification

    Module 2: Small talk and making the right impression

    Module 3: E-mail and telephone etiquetten

    Module 4: Dining and social etiquette

    Module 5: Business ethics: concepts and consequences

    Module 6: Ethical models: Kohlberg’s six stages

    Module 7: Managing ethical dilemmas

    Module 8: Ethical decision-making tools


Learning Outcomes:

    Network effectively, including greetings, introductions and small talk

    Feel comfortable and confident about your business communication in every situation

    Working across different cultures and nationalities (20 credits)

    Evaluate the moral and ethical dimensions of situations that you may encounter

    Make sound ethical choices based on appropriate principles and approaches

•  Avoid, recognize and manage ethical dilemmas


Duration and Delivery:

•  02 Days Crash Course