Advanced Computer Security

Programme Overview:

To provide necessary knowledge and skills to protect information assets. This class will immerse students into an interactive environment where they will acquire a fundamental understanding of various computer and network security threats.

Who should attend:

IT Officers in the public sector with additional input on principles of networking, computing etc.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, participant able to identity theft, credit card fraud, online banking phishing scams, virus and backdoors, emails hoaxes, sex offenders lurking online, loss of confidential information, hacking attacks and social engineering.

More importantly, the skills learned from the class helps students take the necessary steps to mitigate their security exposure.

Course Outline:

Module 1:Introduction to Security

Module 2: Securing Operating System

Module 3: Malware and Antivirus

Module 4: Internet Security

Module 5: Security on Social Networking Sites

Module 6: Securing Email Communications

Module 7:Securing Mobile Devices

Module 8:Securing the Cloud

Module 9:Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Module 10:Data Backup and Disaster Recovery


Duration and Delivery:

    03 Days Workshop