Adapting to Change

Programme Overview:

This programme aimed at providing the skills to shift mindsets of people to make them proactive about change and converting impediments into opportunities. How to deal with an organization’s transformation in its goals, processes or technologies. This workshop focuses on all aspects relating to change – The Emotional Intelligence, Attitudinal, Behavioral and Cognitive Aspect of Change.

Who Should attend:

This is a vital skill for employees, managers and leaders as it is a fast-changing marketplace.

Learning Outcomes:

This training is geared toward equipping participants with the various aspects that have to be considered in the change management process and helps to support managers, consultants and other change facilitators fulfill their mission to initiate and sustain change process.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to change

Module 2:  What is Change

Module 3:  Kotter’s 8 steps of Successful large scale change

Module 4: Preparing for change

Module 5: Resistance to change

Module 6: Communicating & Implementing change

Module 7: Risk of failure


Duration and Delivery:

·       One Day Work Shop